At hackU we use open educational resources, we have the most up-to-date and high-quality educational content
Virtual education Reinvented
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hackU uses WhatsApp as a training channel, sending 15-minute educational microcapsules a day.
Education through WhatsApp
All trainees have an educational hackU coach a WhatsApp away. This person can support those who are not self-taught or have difficulty having discipline.
Learning assessment
Through a simple evaluation, your collaborators can measure the knowledge acquired at the end of each module.
Support from a coach
About us
I am a fan of teamwork, I consider myself a good co-worker, I am loyal, committed, helpful, I like to learn something new every day and I have a special gift of people.
Frank Grijalba
Jorge Morales
I am an entrepreneurial person, passionate about challenges and learning. I am characterized by being creative, adaptability and honesty.
Jaime Aricapa
I enjoy going outdoors, seeing new places, going to mountains and being with my family. I have been described as a curious, kind person and a fast learner.
Content-Manager: Facilitate reinvention in education
This tool is great! Since I used it, it took me almost 1 hour to program all the content for a client, and above all, it no longer has the annoying errors of losing information.
Tatiana Brome
Líder de Aprendizaje en Comercial
Content-Manager benefits
  1. Content loading section simplified
  2. correct relationship of each content in the database
  3. Content viewer integrated into the interface
  4. Dashboards for content management
  5. Simplified navigation between pages
Content-Manager reviews